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Match fixing culprits in Ghana League will be punished – GFA

GFA set to punish culprits of the alleged scandal of match-fixing.

General Secretary of the Ghana football Association Prosper Harrison Addo says the wheel of equity will soon catch with offenders in the supposed match fixing case among Ashgold and Inter Allies.

The FA is on the way out with a choice on last season’s case in the wake of opening an investigation concerning the match day 34 tie played in obuasi .

Numerous football fans accept nothing sure will emerge from the investigations.But talking only to Starr Sports Prosper Harrison Addo demand the case won’t fly immediately and inexplicably however most certainly the results will come out regardless of whether it requires quite a while .

  • This is what he said:

“I know people have been talking about the Ashgold and Inter Allies case but as a lawyer and a student of the game who follows the rules and as a journalist as well,I followed the juventus case “.

“What is happening in Ghana, happened in Otaly where people said all that they wanted to say because the process is slow,the process take time,investigating match manipulation matter is not the same as a protest case where you have three days to protest or a day to respond and then a decision will come “he told Starr sports .

“This takes a lot of time to make sure the correct investigations are done,the people involve are giving the chance to respond to what has been found,they have the right to defend themselves and after all that has been done,trust me a decision will come”.

“The case will not fly into thin air,the decision day will definitely come and the culprits will be duly punished no matter how long it takes “he added.

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