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5 Secrets You Should Never Keep From Your Partner.

In a partnership, it is often acceptable to reduce openness from 100% to 90% or less. And this is why: There are certain folks who can’t stand the truth. They are not just wired to remain composed or rational in the face of certain truths, thus it does not make them poor people or bad partners.

However unpleasant some circumstances may be, withholding them from your partner will only damage what little beauty you may have had.

There are certain secrets that you should never keep from your partner, especially if they have the potential to harm your union.

These are a few of the secrets you should quit keeping to yourself:

Your personal health data
Your medical background is important when you enter a relationship. In fact, it’s one of the criteria people use to determine whether they’re willing to go through with anything major or whether another person’s physical condition is too much for them to manage.

You should inform your partner about long-term illnesses like asthma so they can be there for you in an emergency. Even before you start dating, you should discuss about other illnesses like HIV/AIDS and STDs like herpes.

Your hopes for the partnership
Due to conflicting family objectives, relationships are easily destroyed. While some of them may have been unavoidable, many would have survived if

better communication was made.

An illustration would be if your partner doesn’t want children but you know deep down that you do. They need to understand your true viewpoint, so avoid trying to make them happy with your words.

Your child or children

People who chose to conceal the fact that they had children from prior relationships ultimately regret their decision. You should not act in such a careless manner toward your children because it reflects ill on your character.

If you have kids, just let people know; don’t keep your personal information a secret; the truth will ultimately come out, and it won’t be good.

Couple with their kid

Important career goals
Your life and objectives will blend when you date or get married. There will be a ripple effect from your professional decisions, so don’t hide it.

For instance, if you know that you’re planning to move to a new country for work or school, let them know early. It’s not fair to just mention it when you’ve already decided and started planning for it, or when you’re in the last stages before relocating.

It’s not appropriate to bring it up casually once you’ve made up your mind, started making preparations, or are nearly about to move.

All your anxieties and fears about relationships
It’s terrifying to hear about abrupt suicides by wives or husbands. Psychological issues might go unnoticed for a very long period before something happens.

You should discuss your worries about anxiety, sadness, suicidal thoughts, or other mental health issues so you can obtain the assistance you require.

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