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“A friend In Asakaa Group Attacked Me Spiritually” – Yaw Tog bemoans

opular Teen Ghanaian trapper, Yaw Tog has divulged details of the alleged diabolical act on him by one of his friends.

The “Sore” hittmaker, who gained mainstream relevance within the twinkle of an eye few months ago, warned up and coming artistes to be sure that they are strongly fortified spiritually before venturing into music.

Yaw Tog talks about spiritual attack

According to him, fortifying themselves spiritually before attempting is the best way out to salvage them from the fate he is facing now.

He said “I Feel like advising the young ones wishing to do music shortly please be strong in the spiritual world too. I got defeated early this year but I’m back again and beware of fake friends. please”.

In a recent interview with Cookie Tee on TV3 NewDay, he attributed the alleged spiritual attack to a fake friend in the Asakaa Group.

Ere“The person decided to fight me. I didn’t expect it. It was something that hit me. It was a big blow for me, but I decided to stay calm, pray about it and make my music because I can’t fight the person.”

“I feel like, at that time, I was way too young for my kind of progress. I’ve been through a lot, but I’m okay now,” Yaw Tog confirmed.

He also disclosed that the experience has helped him restructure his spiritual life.

“I was young. I took things for granted. But now I’m growing and learning things. You need to go through different stages before you see them. I will say life is a journey. You have to meet different things so you can be solid.

“I have been praying since day one, but now it’s 10 times more. I’m always praying,” Yaw Tog concluded.

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