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Afia Schwarzenegger angers Nogokpo chief with this video.

Afia Schwarzenegger puts her life in danger by playing with Nogokpo chief priest and gods

Apparently the table has consequently betrayed Afia Schwarznnegar who needed the Nogokpo Shrine to strike her apparent enemies. Its getting very startling for her as the Shrine has turned their resentment on her ( Afia Schwarznnegar)

The anger developing from the Nogokpo Shrine happened after their client Afia Schwarznnegar distributed recordings and videos of the Nogokpo Shrine via virtual entertainment to demonstrate that she for sure went there.

The Chief priest of the Nogokpo Shrine Togbui Amuzu Agbodzalu William clarified for the press that, the gods are furious at Afia Schwarznnegar over her garbage distribution of their pictures. He further added, what Afia Schwarznnegar did is an exceptionally dangerous act against her soul.

Nogokpo angered by Afia Schwarzenegger’s videos

He further uncovered that, the Nogokpo Shrine is an intense divinity without online entertainment show. Thus, they execute serious business without any trace of fun.

After the disclosures, Afia Schwarznnegar has in practically no time erased all the Shrine recordings and pictures. The issue presently is that, many individuals have downloaded them as of now. Despite the fact that she has erased, there are those hectically transferring on the web. Will Nogokpo pardon her?

You can check out the video below if you haven’t come across it

Afia Schwarzenegger angers the gods and chief priest of Nogokpo

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