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Akuffo Addo said he has proved some people wrong over this.

I've proved those people who said I'm too short to be president wrong. - Akuffo Addo

President Akufo-Addo has said his confidence in God as a Christian has formed his expert life as a Lawyer and Politician which has vigorously impacted his vision for Ghana and Africa’s change.

Conveying the Inaugural Africa address by the Museum of the Bible in Washington, USA, President Akufo-Addo revealed that, the basic piece of his Christian childhood bored into him was that Christianity was a lifestyle, a regular encounter and implied definitely more than going to chapel, which by the way was mandatory in the Ofori-Atta and Akufo-Addo homes.

“My own parents, as you can envision, were ardent Presbyterians. I was purified through water a Presbyterian, and turned into an Anglican, doubtlessly stirring up a lot of fervent fights for my parents, because of the auxiliary school I went to in England. Allow us to say I became fascinated with the ceremonies, everyday Matins and Evensong, and the extra Sunday Eucharist, which were steady highlights of my four-year stay at school in Lancing”, he reviewed.

These, as per him have mindfully impacted his training as a Lawyer and Politician.

He consequently conveyed in his talk that, “frequently in regulation practice, things are not exactly as straightforward as they would appear or as one would wish. There would be times when no measure of involvement or scholarly meticulousness would set you up for the changes of the lawful jungle gym. On such events, it assists with having the option to look back to your confidence and perhaps your mom singing that antiquated psalm: Who is on the Lord’s side? It assists with being on the Lord’s side, when you indicate to look for or mediate for equity among people.”

Refering to areas of Sir Walter Beasant’s legitimate book, “The Ivory Gate”, in which the writer paints a most hopeful perspective on an attorney in reviving differentiation to how legal counselors are normally depicted in different books, he concurred with Sir Beasant’s statement that “the specialist knows in excess of a Roman Catholic cleric and conveys more prominent obligations. It positively assists with being a Christian and have an anchor that steadies you as you move the choppiness of the day to day existence that is lawful practice.”

On his political direction, President Akufo-Addo said, the tale of “my battles to become leader of my nation are notable. My encounters have been a declaration of God’s adoration, and a justification of the expressions of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in the Gospel as indicated by St. Matthew, part 19 refrain 26, which says “with man this is inconceivable, yet with God everything is conceivable”.

Relating, he said, “it took three attempts somewhere in the range of 2008 and 2016 for me to get chosen. By which time, the well known expressions of “Akufo-Addo can’t be President”, “God doesn’t need Akufo-Addo to be President”, “Akufo-Addo is short, and doesn’t have the height to be President” had become so predominant, you must be solidly attached in your confidence to have dared to endure”.

Putting accentuation on his actual confidence, President Akufo-Addo let the get-together know that, therefore, “I committed that third political race to God, and showed to the Ghanaian nation that “The Battle is the Lord’s”. By God’s beauty, I won a well known triumph against an officeholder President by a hole of almost 1,000,000 votes, the biggest edge of triumph for a long time. Also, by a similar Grace, I won re-appointment in the December 2020 races, and I am currently in my second and last term as President”.

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