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Assemblyman allegedly demolishes bridge, says ‘Good Samaritan’ didn’t seek permission.

Agona Swedru’s assemblyman for Mangoase reportedly destroyed a recently constructed bridge that a good Samaritan built after failing to obtain his approval.

The newly constructed bridge

The assemblyman apparently objected to the Good Samaritan’s plan to replace the wooden bridge with a concrete one, which would have made it easier for the locals to move around.

The young man who posted the incident on his Facebook page voiced his disbelief at the assemblyman’s course of action.

He claimed that the Assemblyman said he intended to build the bridge for the residents of Mangoase, but since he was denied authorization, he chose to destroy the bridge instead.

“A young man wanted to build a bridge with his own money so that the community would have simple access and could even drive on it, not for himself.

The bridge after the demolishing

Agona Swedru, better known by his stage name Pop, is the assemblyman for Mangoase. “Instead of praising this young man for his excellent work, they demolished the bridge,” he claimed. “They (the assembly) didn’t ask my friend Michael Power to do it, and secondly, it is in the plans of the assembly to construct the bridge.

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