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What are the best paid survey sites?

First of all let ask how do paid survey sites work? Users who sign up for paid survey sites are

contacted through email and asked to participate in market research surveys.

You’ll fill out your information so that they know which surveys are most useful to

you personally. Afterward, you’ll be able to take part in online surveys for money.

How much money can you make from surveys?

Survey rewards can range from less than $1 to more than $20, but they tend to fall

on the lower end of the spectrum, between $1 and $5. You can make a good deal

of money in a month by taking several of these per day. It’s rare for companies to give you money.

Does PayPal do surveys for money?

Taking anonymous questionnaires and being paid via PayPal is a well-known

method of earning money on the side. Many survey websites offer cash or gift

cards in exchange for completing their questionnaires.

This genre’s obvious champion is Swagbucks…. Swagbucks pays survey takers

using PayPal as one of several payment options.

Legitimate Best Paid Survey Sites To Make Free Money

You’re searching for a quick and simple method to make some more money on the side?

Check out this list of top-earning survey sites if you’re interested.

In return for completing quick tasks or surveys, you may earn money or other

benefits by participating in these internet contests. Take surveys to earn some

additional cash in between classes, or while you’re standing in line. They won’t

make you wealthy, but they may supplement your regular income while you wait.

It will take you no more than ten minutes to complete the majority of these

reputable survey sites. To maximize your profits, you may join many companies.

You may take as many surveys as you want.

Read over the survey site’s summary before signing up to be sure it’s a good match for you.

There’s even a sign-up bonus on some of them!

Best Paid Online Survey Sites To Make Money

Inbox Dollars: You can get money for taking surveys and watching videos. Join now

and get $5 right away. USA citizens only.

This is why KashKick is one of the fastest-growing survey sites. You can cash out

your money for as little as $5. Get on KashKick as soon as you can! USA citizens only.

Branded Surveys: When you sign up, you’ll get 100 points for free. They will pay

with PayPal or e-gift cards. Sign up now for Branded Surveys. USA citizens only.

Swagbucks: You can earn up to $50 for each survey. Sign up now to get your $5 bonus.

USA citizens only.

Metroopinion: This one is actually accessible in Ghana sign up now

Digiopion: This is also Ghana based survey site you can earn from. Sign up here

Honeygain: A Ghana based paid survey site that you can also earn by referrals.

Everyone who joins Honeygain using your referral link gets a $5 starting gift – and you earn a forever bonus equal to 10% of their earnings!

10 Best paid Survey Sites To Make Money

Survey Junkie

Because it’s so popular, Survey Junkie is one of the most popular online survey sites. They have more than 10 million members, and they make it easy to make money from home.

A point is earned for every time you take a survey. These points can be exchanged for PayPal cash or e-gift cards from your favorite stores, like Amazon and Target.

If you want to join Survey Junkie you don’t have to pay anything to do it. The minimum cash out amount is $10. This is a lot less than on many other sites, where your money is held in limbo for months. Don’t worry, they’re legit and have paid out a lot of money to their members.

You can get your money in cash or a gift card. A mailed check or a PayPal deposit are two ways you can pay for things in cash. Free money sent to you!

The KashKick – Best Paid Sites

It’s a survey site where you could be compensated to do different things (GPT). It’s not hard to do things like fill out surveys, look at videos, or go online.

KashKick is different from other survey sites in that it pays you in dollars instead of points. There are no rules about what you can or can’t do. It will let you know how much you’ll make before you start the job.

I’ve never seen a cashout level as low as KashKick’s. KashKick is only open to people in the United States (this is a good thing). This means that you can get your money by PayPal or check even if you make just $5.

Inbox Dollars – Best Paid Sites

For a long time, Inbox Dollars has been a good place to make money online. Many people like it because it’s easy to make money quickly. One more site that pays you cash instead of points.

Surveys, watching videos, browsing new websites, and even playing online games are some of the ways you can make money.

You can get a $5 bonus if you sign up for Inbox Dollars here. They have some of the best paying surveys.

There is a company called Inbox Dollars for people who don’t want to keep taking surveys for money all the time. They have a lot of money-making tasks that break up the routine and keep things interesting.

You can make money right from your phone, tablet, or computer so you can be anywhere. If you want to make money by taking surveys, then sign up for your $5 bonus right now.

Survey Voices – Best Paid Sites

You might not be familiar with Survey Voices. This site is a survey platform that connects, and it’s a little different from the other survey sites on this list. People who do this mean that they don’t have surveys of their own. Instead, they promote other survey sites.

So if you’re having trouble finding survey sites that you like, then Survey Voices is a good choice for you. They’ll tell you about a lot of different survey sites that you can use. You can join them here.

Keep in mind that even though they are legit, they don’t pay you back on their own. You’ll get paid by the company that gives the surveys if they tell you about a site.

Opinion Outpost – Best Paid Sites

Opinion Outpost is a very well-known survey site that pays a lot of money. There are a lot of government agencies, public bodies, and businesses that use this site to do surveys, so you might get some surveys that aren’t the same as on other sites.

When you make money on Opinion Outpost, there isn’t a lot of money you have to make before you can cash out. This is great for someone who wants to make some extra money right away.

The next time you sign up, you’ll have to answer a lot of questions about yourself so that they can send you the surveys that are most relevant to you. A survey that is not meant for you will not waste your time.

For money, every 10 points is worth $1. Between 10 and 30 points are given out for each survey you take. Soon after you get 100 points, you can get $10 in cash out.

You can make $10 a day taking surveys for an hour and a half each day. The hourly rate is not great, but you’re not at a typical job.


MyPoints has been around for a long time and is easy to use. There is a sign-up page, and they say that if you take five surveys, they will pay you $5.

The clean layout makes it easy to get to the surveys and not get lost in a lot of navigation. Another good thing is that they have a mobile app so that you can take surveys while you’re on the go, too.

Take surveys, watch videos, play games, shop at certain stores, read promotional emails, use the MyPoints search engine, and more with MyPoints.


A survey site called Swagbucks has been around for a long time and is one of the best-paying ones. Sometimes, some surveys pay you $50 just for taking them.

All new members get $5 when they sign up. Right at the start, this will help keep you going.

In the past, Swagbucks has been around for a long time, so they’ve learned how to do things better and now have a lot more ways to make money, too. There are many ways to use the internet, such as browsing websites, watching videos, and shopping.

PayPal and gift cards are the two ways you can get your money, but you can also use cash. The choice is yours. People who sign up for Swagbucks get gift cards from big brands, and the company has paid out more than $36 million to its members.

Branded Surveys

There are Branded Surveys for people in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, but not for people in other places. Every time you take a survey, you get points that you can later use to get things like free things later.

It has paid out more than $15 million to its members and has more than 2 million people as members. They even have a tracker on their homepage that shows how much they have paid out so far.

In the same way that other survey sites work, you take a survey and get points. As soon as you’ve earned enough, you can trade them in for either a cash PayPay transfer or a wide range of different gift cards.


Most people haven’t heard of Surveys2Cash, even though they’ve been around for close to 10 years.

They used to have both free and paid memberships, but now they only have free memberships for everyone. Surveys2Cash is a site that wants to get data from the United States by giving people surveys to fill out.

Brands pay them to send surveys to people who are likely to be interested in their company. You, the person who took the survey, get paid for your information and ideas.

You can get money in the form of PayPal deposits or gift cards, so you can get paid. If you want to get your money back, you have to pay $50, which is more than many other survey sites.

Surveys2Cash has other ways to make money, but they aren’t the only way. These include paid for search, product testers, app downloads, sweepstakes, and cash giveaways that happen right away, so you don’t have to wait.

MindsPay / Panda Research – Best Paid Sites

Panda Research is another name for MindsPay, which is also known as Panda Research. PayPal is the only way they pay you for surveys that you do. Payments are sent out on the 1st and 15th of each month by default, but you can change this.

As many as $50 each, they say. There are some people who say that those are few and far between, but they do show up from time to time. You can also make money by reading ads in emails.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some people have had a hard time getting their money. A few months passed before the money could be paid to people who took surveys.

So even though Panda Research has a lot of high-paying surveys, the problems with payments might make you want to go with a different survey site, not Panda Research.

TeachnBlog took time to read, test some of the above mentioned to bring to you our cherished readers.

I will urge you to try some of them out make some money and continue to share my post and give me

a feedback by commenting how it helped you.

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