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Black Sherif officially terminated contract with ex manager few days before he was sued

Black Sheriff allegedly terminated contract with his former manager amid speculations that he did not have any formal agreement with the ex manager, Snap Chavis Wayne.

In a generally circulated letter, rapper Black Sherif ended his agreement with his previous agent, Shadrach Agyei Owusu, otherwise called Snap, before being sued.

Legal advisors of the “Kwaku The Traveler” hitmaker wrote to Snap in a letter dated April 8, 2022, to illuminate him regarding the termination.

“We have our Client’s instructions to confirm our Client’s acceptance of the termination of the Agreement following discussions between you and our Client,” they wrote.

Below is the termination contract

Black Sheriff terminates contract with his former manager.

This letter comes days after the previous manager sued the performer at an Accra High Court. In records sighted by Teachnblog.com, the suit was documented on Monday, April 11, 2022.

Snap blamed Black Sherif for leaving him stranded to sign a contract with another label named Empire Entertainment without his endorsement.

In different records, the ex manager [the plaintiff], is looking for a directive to be put on Black Sherif, confining him from playing at any occasion until the case has been settled.

On August 18, 2021, Black Sherif named Snap as his director. As indicated by the legal counselors, their client, Black Sherif, is “at this point not limited by the Agreement.”

The plaintiff is likewise requesting a ban to be put on the assets the rapper has gathered through streaming and other income sources.

The court is supposed to hear the case for the directive on Monday, May 9, 2022.

Be that as it may, CEO of 3Music Networks, Sadiq Abubakar Abdulai, accepts it is unlikely the court would accept the directive trying to put an end on Black Sherif’s lifestyle.

And he also continued that, the case would affect investor confidence and render up and coming artistes to suffer.

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