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BREAKING NEWS: Sad As Popular Journalist Slumps And Dies While In A Meeting -See Photos

Veteran journalist and former president of the National Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ) Raheemat Momodu is dead. Another female journalist Joke Kujenya broke the news on Facebook.

According to Kujenya, Momodu died on Tuesday before she could be taken to a hospital.She was reported to be having a meeting when she slumped. Breaking the news, Kujenya wrote,”For me, the question is ‘what happened to Raheemat Momodu? An ever-smiley vibrant lady, a core professional. Goodbye pleasant soul.

“These deaths are just becoming too much on us in the media industry. At the weekend, it was columnist, #Michael #Awe aka #Michael #West. We’re barely over shedding tears on his sudden exit; now this.”Kujenya added, “According to her former editor, she was attending a meeting, slumped and didn’t make it alive to the hospital at about 2.00pm today (Tuesday).

Just like that, Raheemat Momodu is no more.” In her tribute posted to Facebook, journalist Angela Agoawike said, “Dearest friend and sister, Hajia Raheemat Omoro Momodu, see you on Resurrection Day.”

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