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“Ghanaian Filmmakers Refusing To Accept New Trends Is The Cause Of The Collapse Of The Movie Industry” – Enock Darko

Ghanaian born Nigerian movie sensation, Enock Darko has open up on the reason why the Ghanaian Movie industry is struggling as compared to the Nigerian movie industry.

In an interview with Dangel on Vibes in Live through IG Live, Enock Darko indicated that the Ghanaian Movie industry hasn’t still moved on from that cassette and CD era and accept the YouTube era.

He further stated that , it is obvious that people like Dr. Like who have followed the new trend is enjoying the fruit of the new wave.

Enock Darko

He also stated emphatically that he would’ve gone hungry if he was still an actor in Ghana.

“I would’ve seriously died from hunger if I’m still in the Ghanaian movie industry because I was on screens for two years without gaining anything, it took only a phone call from one movie maker from Nigeria to help me transit into the Nigerian movie industry.

Enock says hunger would’ve killed him if he is still in Ghana

Enock was further asked on his educational background as he stated that he is a senior High school graduate who is yet to further his education.

“There is no essense in going to waste your life in an acting program in a university whilst you are already talented” Enock Darko states.

He also clarified that he is not married as people have been reporting. He explained that his marriage picture was for a movie but not real.

Enock Darko has debunked news of him being married

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