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How do bloggers make money in Ghana?

How do bloggers make Money?

How do bloggers make money in Ghana? Exactly how do bloggers get paid?

By selling their sites’ content (Monetizing), Ghanaian bloggers earn money everyday.

What exactly do i mean when i talk about ”Monetizing?”.

This implies that everything you post online will earn you money….wow this could be so great!

Whether you a blogger in Ghana or anywhere else,

There are many ways to generate money. It is highly recommended that you read the whole post

if you are interested in blogging as TeachnBlog prioritize to enlighten you more,

and want to know how everything works and how much

money you make. Click here blog post ideas as a beginner(Blogger) to start with.

To learn more about what blogging entails and how individuals refer themselves as ”Bloggers,”

as well as whether or not it maybe financially rewarding, has become more frequent.

There are several methods to monetize you blog, I’ve also highlighted how much

elite bloggers and ordinary Ghanaian blogger earn.

Bloggers Make Money through Ad Networks

In Ghana, registering Ad Network is the most common and simplest method of monetizing blogs.

In a similar way to traditional marketing companies, online ad networks gather advertisements

from sponsors and place them on various web properties, such as blogs.

An ad network primary role is to combine publisher ad revenue and link it with advertiser request.

Without further ado, I’ll provide a ranking of the greatest and most readily accessible

ad network for generating revenue from blogs and other online platforms.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an ad network made by google which places text, images and videos

on a couple of websites. Through this publishers make commission from the ads

displaying on their site and the number of clicks that comes is calculated

rewarding. The commission per click can range from $0.20 to $15

so imagine you get 1000 people to visit you blog and let say half of the visitors

accidentally makes a click on an ads. Therefore 500 X $0.20 = $100 a day.

Wow this is mind blowing working online isn’t it? well this just on the average

because you can earn more on certain conditions and sometimes less based on

ad limit and other relating issues on your site. You can click here

Google Adsense to read more about them and how to create an account

if you have a blog site and you meet all their requirement before.

  • Google Adsense as a network ad


CodeFuel is an all-in-one digital property monetization platform.

The platform enables you to monetize any sort of digital property,

including websites, extensions, and apps, using intent-based search advertisements, commerce, and news.

Only appropriate for extremely tiny publishers. Requires a multi-population to

locate the high intent users. Visit CodeFuel and read about their earning as well.


This is another way a publishers may use the retailer’s ad network as a source of revenue.

Amazon and Supply Side Platforms can be integrated through server-to-server

header bidding connectivity.


Using Taboola, you may add a news feed scroll to any page of your website.

Ads and sponsored content are integrated into your experience in a way that it blends in.

displays material in the form of a news feed that scrolls
Setting marketing campaigns is a breeze.

provides a wide range of ways to target It caters to a wide range of people.

So this is also great way to use to monetize you blog.

As you can see there are so many Ad Network to employ and monetize your content online.

Now let discuss another method which you can use to monetize your blog apart from ads network.

Direct Ads – Another way Bloggers in Ghana Make Money

Direct advertising, as the name suggests, is when an advertiser interacts directly with bloggers.

Interested parties may contact the blogs’ owners directly via their

contact information to inquire about advertising pricing. Ads that don’t use ad

networks often pay more than those that do.

The only drawback of Direct Ads is that they are hard to come by.

Advertisers want to work with well-known companies,

therefore getting this kind of ad might be tough for many bloggers.

This is a much more convenient way because you can charge any amount

of your desire and you market their product on your blog for them.

It could be song uploads, events, or a bio of an artist, etc.

Bloggers in Ghana Make Money as ”Soli”

Journalists who attend press conferences are paid with cash, which is referred to as soli.

Press conferences and product launches often include invitations to Ghanaian entertainment bloggers.

Attending these conferences earns them ‘soli’. For some,

attending events like birthday celebrations or naming ceremonies results in a monetary reward known as a’soli’.

the likes of GhKweku and many more.

How to Make Money by Guest Posts / Press Release

A fee is charged by bloggers for guest posts and certain press release submissions.

Bloggers may charge to post a press release that is excessively promotional.

In exchange for a link back to their blog, other websites may pay bloggers to make guest posts on their blogs.

Increasing their site’s visibility on Google is the goal here.

As you begin your journey as a blogger you will discover many methods that can bring you money.

Daniel Kweku Korsah

Daniel Kweku Korsah is a young Tutor, Website designer, and blogger. Who has the passion and skills for developing and helping young individuals to learn the right way for succeeding online.

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