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I Learnt How To Do Money Rituals Through Facebook

18-year-old Soliu Majekodunmi, who conspired with three friends to murder his lover, Sofiyah for alleged money rituals, has narrated how he learnt the act.

Soliu claimed he learned about the entire procedure on Facebook.

I Learnt How To Do Money Rituals Through Facebook – 18 Year Old Who Beheaded Girlfriend, Claims

Majekodunmi said he obtained the detail after typing “how to make money ritual” on Facebook, noting that the link told him to decapitate and burn a female skull in a local pot.

He stated this to news men on Monday, January 31.

They admitted to killing the girl, alleging that they committed the crime as part of a money ritual in order to ride in luxurious vehicles and live in expensive houses. They also bought three pigeon eggs, known as ‘Eyin Aparo’ in Yoruba, as well as other fetish materials, which they put in the local pot.

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