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Kelvyn Boy gives Shocking Reason Why He Can’t Quit Smoking.

The musician Kelvyn Boy has admitted that he smokes and has no immediate plans to stop.

He claims that smoking is crucial to his mental stability and adds that, in contrast to the popular belief that smoking can make one irrational, in his case it really makes him more rational.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, Monday, Kelvyn Boy claimed that “for fact, I smoke. You notice how many believe that smoking causes one to go insane? I’ll go crazy if I don’t smoke, myself.

The “Visa” hitmaker continued, “I don’t like to hide that part of myself or give the audience a false impression of who I am.”

Kelvyn Boy said, “I like to keep it honest, and I feel like this thing I do is my life, it’s also my lifestyle.

The remix of Kelvyn Boy’s popular song “Down Flat” is now being promoted. He claimed that the song’s release had a favorable impact on his life, career, and finances.

He revealed to Andy Dosty during the interview that he had been able to purchase both a car and some land.
In terms of his career, he said that the song had also opened numerous opportunities, particularly when he performed outside of Ghana.

Additionally, while on tour in Europe, Kelvyn Boy got the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other notable artists.

He claimed that UK-based singer Stefflon Don and Tekno, an award-winning producer and musician from Nigeria, are both featured on the remix of “Down Flat.”

He continued by saying that he had proposals for a remix from different musicians, including Nigeria’s Joeboy.

You can check out the remix of the track below;

Down flat remix

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