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Man collapses after finding out his landlord is his own wife. (You no go fear women?)

A Zambian man created a scene after he collapsed when he found that his better half was his “landlord”

Martin Stampa from Zambia remained in a house for 15 years, and he was paying 3,500 kwacha, which is what could be compared to GHS 1,800, consistently.

His better half was the person who generally took the lease to his “landlord.”

On one critical day, the couple had a squabble after the wife, Lushomo, found that her better half was having an extramarital illicit relationship.

Angry words were traded, and Martin allegedly let his wife know that he got a side chick since he needed somebody who was smart and intelligent.

Man collapses after finding out his landlord is his own wife.

This angered Lushomo, who wound up letting the cat out of the bag and told Martin that he’s not smart enough as he has been paying her R3626 consistently on the grounds that the house they stay in belongs to her.

On seeing the house’s title deeds, Martin passed out and collapsed. Individuals needed to douse him with bucketfuls of water in order to get help him gain consciousness.

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