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Never Tell A Woman These Five (5) Things No Matter How Much You Love Her

Getting into the game of relationship and playing the lead role as an Alpha Male demands a lot of effort and willingness. There are countless guys out there who want to be an Alpha Male but they lack the requisite skills to make them the best. Below are 6 things that an Alpha Male never tell a woman no matter the situation.

1. Body counts

This is a more delicate question that most women do ask their guys but only a few do get to past the test. A woman might ask you your body counts before meeting her but it would be very wise to just keep quite and make her aware that such question is irrelevant. Never try to mention any number since she would perceive you as a guy with no options.

2. Never brag about the size of your thing

It is rather unfortunate that most guys allow nature to play the rule against them by bragging about their thing. Some women might be very smart to ask you the size just to know your level of maturity.

3. Never tell a woman about your income

Yes, you might be very passionate about your job and the amount of money you make per month but never reveal total income to her. This would save from making unnecessary spending on her if she gets to know you make so much money in a month.

4. Never tell her you’re a player

Being a player is an interesting thing in the relationship game but never a woman that you’re good at it. Just play by your own rules and you would see how things would work for you. She might already know that by checking our on your social media pages.

5. Never tell a woman how much you love her

I know this might sound very weird but it is the truth. Don’t continously tell her how gorgeous she looks when she is in pink or any color. You just compliment her by looking deep into her eyes and saying “You look outstanding and gorgeous.”

Source: Opera News

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