Opportunity for all private school teachers, free Diploma in education at UCC – World Bank program (Fill a form now)

This is a great opportunity for every private school teacher teaching at a private school after SHS.

Everything is free and had been paid for. Tuition fee is free, free feeding and covers for 3 semester at UCC.

This is a program organized by the world bank sponsored program to all private school teachers.

Praise God, a great opportunity for our siblings who have completed SHS and are teaching in Private schools to obtain Diploma in Education at UCC. It is a Three semester sandwich programme. Free Tuition, Free Accommodation, Free Feeding during lectures. It is a World Bank sponsored programme.

NB You need introductory letter from your headteacher, Ghana card, SHS certificate, grab the opportunity now. Infact everything is FREE.

click on Submit Forms and fill to submit 👇👇👇

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Daniel Kweku Korsah

Daniel Kweku Korsah is a young Tutor, Website designer, and blogger. Who has the passion and skills for developing and helping young individuals to learn the right way for succeeding online.


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