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Police to reduce robbery response time to 10 minutes across the country – Dampare

According to the police inspector general, Dr.

George Akuffo Dampare, the Police Service is attempting to lower the countrywide robbery response time to 10 minutes.

The Police have men patrolling all the major routes in the nation, so when was the last time you heard of any thefts taking place there?

Ghana Police Force

“We are going to deploy about 2000 motorbikes and officers to be patrolling all highways in the country,” the IGP noted.

Akuffo Dampare said that all officers now have their names permanently sewn into their uniforms for the public’s convenience in an effort to improve discipline within the agency.

The IGP also said that by allocating sufficient funds and human resources to the area, the Police Service has expanded up its intelligence operations.

“We have our intelligence officers all over the place, in the Ubers, shops and all over the communities. He added.

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