Reggie Rockstone goes hard on his wife in a video for flirting with another man

An amicable exchange between Reggie Rockstone and his wife may be seen in a video shot recently.

However, when the singer accused his wife of having an affair with one of their clients,

Zilla was unfazed and said she would begin to police her husband and accost him if she saw him having an affair.

A new video seems to show Reggie Rockstone and his wife Zilla fighting about a flirty encounter.

Reggie Rockstone is a well-known Ghanaian artist better known by his stage name, Reggie Rockstone.

When Reggie Rockstone posted the video on Instagram, he accused his wife of having an inappropriate relationship with a client who had traveled from overseas.

Despite seeing Zilla’s wedding band, the guy in question went on to flirt with her in his presence, according to the musician.

The man’s approaches were not repulsing to Reggie’s wife, he said; rather, they were gratifying to her.

In Zilla’s defense, she said that her husband was being too dramatic since she had

no intention of returning home with the guy.

It should have been easy to ignore the stranger’s approaches since practically everyone who knew them was aware that they were a married pair.

Rebutting Reggie Rockstone, who was in the same room as them, Rockstone stated

he wanted his wife to instantly identify him as her husband so that the guy would

cease flirting with her. It was also Zilla who fought back forcefully, saying that the

man’s flirtation with her alone was proof that she was still attractive.

She also said that she never intervened when her friends and crushes flirted with her spouse.

Zilla vowed to closely monitor her husband’s activities in the future, including his use of social media.

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