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Residents of Ampabame Abandon Newly Constructed Public Toilet After River gods Demand Human Sacrifice.

The priestess of the Tano shrine has uncovered that the river gods are discontent with the toilet facility’s location, which is only an inch separation from the Bomofia stream, and furthermore with the activities of the occupants who defecate in and around the stream. Accordingly, the divine beings are mentioning five living souls to be sacrificed.

The latrine office was built to stop open poo, yet the occupants of Ampabame no.1 have taken to open poo again because of a paranoid fear of being rebuffed by the smaller gods if they utilize the new latrine office.

Because of an absence of financing, the facility’s improvement didn’t complete until 15 years after it started in 2005. Unfortunately, even after it was placed into administration, Ampabame no.1 occupants can’t use the facility.

The Assembly Member for the area, Richard Ofosuhene conceded that the office had been put secure because of low patronage. In a meeting, he said;

Because it is an older community, none of the dwellings have restrooms. In order to prevent open defecation, the Chief made the decision to build a KVIP for them. He provided financial backing for the building as well. However, once it was finished and put into use, locals began to make claims about a deity who demanded the sacrifice of five individuals“.

Richard Ofosuhene further added that the shrine’s demand for human sacrifice is a serious issue, particularly because there is only one functioning public washroom serving the entire community.

He emphasized that discussions on the appropriate course of action are still being held with the community’s chiefs and elders.


The side view of the toilet facility

You can watch the full interview below;

Assembly man for Ampabame No.1

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