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See The Shocking Price Of One sachet water to be announced this week.

A price increase for sachet water has been announced by the producers at 50 pesewas per sachet.

Price increases for bottled and sachet water will take effect on September 19, 2022, according to the National Association of Sachet and Packaged Water Producers.

Sachet water to be sold at 50 pesewas

According to them, the action is being taken to maintain uniformity throughout the nation amid increases in fuel prices, water and power rates, and the price of packaging materials, which are largely imported amid the cedi devaluation.

The association suggested in a statement that a 500 ml bottle of water be sold for GHS 2.00, a 750 ml bottle for GHS 3, sachet water for 50 pesewas, and a bag of water for GHS 7 and GHS 9 from retail trucks, respectively.

“We recognize the struggles that our customers face in dealing with these struggles. We want everyone to be patient with us, the statement said.

However, due to haulage to far-off locations, the National Executive Council has issued a warning that there may be minor variances between regions.

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