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Shatta sabotages Wiyaala on stage. Check the full details.

Singer Wiyaala has accused Ghanaian dancehall superstar Shatta Wale and his crew of undermining her after they were both scheduled to accept an award on stage in the US at the same time.

Shatta and Wiyaala perform on same stage

Wiyaala claimed to have learned this from the event’s planners, who also informed her that her workmate Shatta Wale will also receive a Citation, in a post on her timeline.

After a while, the Shatta Wale performance was interrupted so that a council member could accompany her backstage for the presentation.

An unidentified person stopped the council member as she entered the room to make her presentation and instructed her to wait. The award was given to Shatta Wale on stage without calling Wiyaala up to accept it as well, but the same council member went backstage to do so. Wiyaala declined.

She initially blamed the organizers when her team questioned her about why they wanted to present the award to her behind the scenes; however, she then revealed that a member of Shatta Wale’s camp had asked them not to share the honor with Wiyaala.

Below is the full details of what Wiyaala put on her timeline;

Wiyaala explains the situation on her timeline

Later, she demanded clarification from Shatta Wale and his group regarding the claims made against them by the council member. Later, Wiyaala questioned what she had done to Shatta Wale to warrant such an act from him, particularly in light of the way they had praised him on stage.

Wiyaala demands clarification from Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale and his team have since not responded yet.

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