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America is not what you think it is is, stop coming here- Steve Harvey advises Africans.

American comedian, Steve Harvey, has asked Africans looking to storm the United States of America as they continued looking for greener fields to rethink their choice.

As per him, the radiant picture of America as found in films doesn’t mirror the truth of life.

United State of America

In a viral video, the world-renowned comedian asserted,

“All the young Africans want to come to America, but I tell them that ‘are you sure? Are you sure you want to come here and be in this?’ This ain’t what you think it is.”

On why America may not be the best objective for greener fields, Steve Harvey caused an examination of how the Police in the States and those in African nations to respond at whatever point an individual is pulled over out and about.

“You will never hear in Ghana that police have shot someone after pulling them over.”

“It is not what you believe it to be. The police shooting someone after pulling them over is something you would never hear about in Ghana. We should return to our homes instead. It’s not the other way around, either “he added.

In the mean time, a Ghanaian educator who was procuring GHC1,500 says she currently takes $1,300 in Vietnam, and she doesn’t expect to return since “Ghana is costly at this point”.

What do you make of what Steve Harvey said. Leave your comment in the comment section and let’s see your opinion.



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