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Top 10 Best Paying Jobs In Ghana in 2022.

Teach and Blog brings to you the best paying jobs in the country as at now.

Getting a lucrative line of work can be truly troublesome nowadays particularly on the African continent. Most times individuals can’t help thinking about why it is challenging to land these positions when there are heaps of qualified graduates out there. What we have come to acknowledge is that finding a lucrative line of work anyplace in the world goes beyong introducing a college degree. You should have the option to offer more that might be of some value, there is as of now a colossal contest.

Having said that, it is important to research about the highest paying jobs so you know what exactly you are expected to bring to the table to place you in pole position for the job. Ghana is credited with having one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. This means there are a couple of high paying jobs that you can engage in to lead you beyond just meeting daily needs.

In this article, we have brought you a list of the top 10 highest paying jobs in Ghana. You should know that what is obtainable in Ghana might not be obtainable in other countries. This implies that this list is basically for people living in Ghana or planning to move to Ghana.

Top 10 paying jobs in Ghana


Engineers all around the world are known as legitimate individuals on the grounds that honestly talking, it takes a ton to be a engineer. The engineering field covers a wide scope of professions which incorporate mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, structural engineering, petrol engineering, and synthetic engineering. Engineers in Ghana procure an average of GHC 2,967 yearly. This is viewed as little when contrasted with what engineers of a similar class bring back home in different nations of the world. Engineering finishes our rundown of 10 most lucrative jobs in Ghana.


Blogging is one of the top positions youths take part in around the world. This is on the grounds that we are in an IT age where most data is passed by means of the web through web journals. Reality with regards to blogging is that it calls for a ton of investment, commitment, and creativity for a person to remain above water. From the beginning, it very well may be very troublesome particularly on the grounds that you will earn very low. The more you stay with the job and the greater quality substance you can deliver, the more cash you are probably going to acquire. At times, you probably won’t have the option to make the substance required on your blog however there is compelling reason you need not to stress over that. You can continuously enlist independent journalists to assist you with doing that at an expense. For the most part, it is hard to state how much a blogger makes each month as this depends on the substance he creates and how lengthy he has been publishing content to a blog. By and large, a high level blogger in Ghana earns an average of GHC 3,000 every month.


Marketing is an exceptionally worthwhile job to engage in. One significant benefit of this occupation is that pretty much every organization needs and employs marketers. Whether or not they are at newborn child level or currently created, the job of a marketer in publicizing the organization and its items can’t be overemphasized. They go about as the mediator between the organization and the planned clients by getting the news out of the latest items and their benefits. To be a marketer in Ghana you should have specific qualification and some degree of experience with most cases. You can acquire about GHC 4,000 monthly as an advertiser in Ghana.


Operations management includes dealing with the staff of an association to accomplish put forth objectives and goals. It includes keen administration and exhaustive management. It tends to be very furious in light of the fact that you are expected to supervise the issues of individuals and give them rules which they should agree with. The test most times is that you will constantly have a couple of freak individuals in your organization who could object rules. In Ghana, operations managers are pursued by a few associations, including corporate retailers, supermarkets, and production organizations. As an operation manager in Ghana, you will acquire about GHC 4,200 every month.


In most African countries teaching is one profession that is exceptionally looked down upon. The vast majority view teaching as a poor paying job since in a large portion of these nations the payment is very pitiful. Teaching is an exceptionally hectic occupation thinking about that teachers need to concentrate on extended periods to set up their lesson notes. They additionally need to plan various techniques for assessing students abilities including tests and assessments. Actually teachers at each level are profoundly underpaid. The Ghanaian government has had the option to investigate this and very capable teachers in Ghana earn very well. A college professor in Ghana earns about GHC 5,500 monthly. This demonstrates generally that as a teacher you can make very much a fortune in Ghana however you should hold a lot of degrees.


Project management is a job which requires a person to supervise a project from start to finish while it is accomplished to guarantee its first objective. In the event that you are a certified project manager, you are most certainly hotcake in Ghana on the grounds that several organizations are in the market recruiting your kind day to day. They need certified staff who can deal with their activities productively beginning to end. On the off chance that you fall this class of faculty, you can bring back home basically GHC 6,000 every month.


Account management is one of the most stressful positions in Ghana or anyplace on the planet. As an account manager, you should be great with numbers, particularly under tension. It includes taking care of various records for clients to guarantee that each record is appropriately balanced. Account mangers are for the most part employed by banks and other monetary foundations in Ghana. Instead of mounting heaps of work on bankers, the banks favor utilizing account mangers to deal with accounts, particularly massive ones. Because of the monotonous responsibility and risks connected to this work, it is one of the most lucrative positions in Ghana. An account manager acquires about GHC 6,500 monthly.


This is one of the most competitive positions in Ghana significantly in light of the fact that there are countless people associated with not very many organizations requiring their services. For an organization to employ you as an procurement officer you should have the option to introduce specific certificates to show you are equipped for the job. It is one of those jobs that expects you to offer more that might be of some value than what is initially required so you can be in a preferable situation over your rivals. The occupation expects you to get all the fundamental equipments, devices, and different supplies required by the employing organization. The key to this business, in any case, is that the providers of the products are the person who gains the most benefit. As a procurement officer in Ghana, your bring back home monthly falls around GHC 8,000.


This is one of the most sensitive positions in Ghana and for sure, anyplace on the planet. It comes in as a nearby second on this rundown and it includes the treatment of products conveyed to an organization. To do this occupation you can’t bear to be cumbersome or lighthearted. It expects you to carefully check through every thing being conveyed to determine that nothing is harmed or lost on the way. This implies that the shipping supervisor should be on ground when the goods are being offloaded to look at them. This is an exceptionally lucrative work anyplace on the planet and in Ghana, a shipping supervisor acquires an average of GHC 10,000 month to month.


As of now, this is the most lucrative occupation in Ghana. Could it be said that you are stunned? Indeed, you ought not be thinking about the pressure and dangers implied with this work. That is asides the degree of ability you want to have. Fuel handling includes the refueling of airplane and this occupation is exceptionally requesting with a great deal of dangers implied. It requires determination and focus as you will administer fuel to airplane for their trips. To be precise on this occupation a great deal of training is required. This is presumably the reasons for why the occupation will pay to such an extent. Right now, the typical salary each month for a fuel handler is about GHC 12,000. This adds up to about GHC 144,000 yearly. We should caution now that assuming you are adversely affected by the smell of fuel or are nauseated by it then you presumably need to avoid this work.

There you have it, the top 10 paying jobs in Ghana. You can pick any of the above, focus on it and begin to make some good monthly income for yourself.



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