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Uk Lady Drops Fresh Evidence Against Thomas Partey Over Alleged Rape

Uk Lady Drops Fresh Evidence Against Thomas Partey Over Alleged Rape. For weeks now, there have been several reports in the media of a lady, who is said to be the ex-girlfriend of black star deputy skipper, Thomas Partey, accusing him of rape.

Uk Lady Drops Fresh Evidence Against Thomas Partey Over Alleged Rape

While there were reports that Thomas Partey was let off the hook when he was arrested and accused of the allegations, the said lady, who claims to be the victim of the rape, has finally broken the silence and spoken on social media overall that happened.

According to the lady, who hails from the united kingdom, identified as Deffon  Dotchaur on Twitter, Thomas Partey is actually a rapist who took advantage of her when the two were away in Spain for holidays.

She claims Thomas Partey actually convinced her to make a trip with him to Ibiza in Spain on holiday while she contemplated breaking up with him. She, however, admitted dating Thomas partey.

Deffon disclosed while away with Thomas Partey, even though, they were not in a good relationship, they had fun and ended up in their hotel. Thomas Partey took advantage of her drunkness and unconsciousness and slept with her. She then woke and noticed how severely she had been hurt.

Thomas Partey left her to party with her friends and later came to laugh over all that he did to her. She reported the matter to her mother.She said Thomas Partey admitted to the offence and offered to settle her an amount to drop the case and she accepted. Later she realised she needed justice because she could not get over all that he did to her.The matter was later reported to the police and upon investigation, Thomas Partey was left off the hook.She explained she offered to return the money to Thomas Partey upon which her lawyer advised her not to do so or face prosecution. She believes coming out to drop all the information could mean that she was going to face a lawsuit, however, she needed everything for relief.

She accused Thomas Partey manager’s of issuing threats and warning to her and said Partey is guilty of rape and not only her and some other women.

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