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University student [ lady] confesses of infecting over 20 men with HIV/AIDS (Photos)

The name of the lady and the university in issue is still unknown, but she has admitted to infecting roughly 20 male students on her campus with HIV. By remaining anonymous in a chat that has since gone popular online, the woman revealed the startling revelation.The Lady began by musing on why some of the boys in school don’t fear anything and instead rush for whoever is wearing a skirt before detailing her interactions with these university guys and how she managed to infect them with the lethal viral disease.

The HIV-positive lady claims that guys on campus have been treating her like trash and throwing her out, thinking they’ve gotten away with it while being unaware of the truth. She described in the discussion how she impacts the boys—20 guys so far—with the dangerous and dreaded STD. She claims that she always makes sure to have a cut, preferably in her ‘honey pot’ or in her mouth, when having sex with the guys. Deep kissing her makes it easier for the virus to enter the boys because she has a cut in her mouth, and having unprotected intercourse with her is the quickest way for her to transmit the illness.

Surprisingly, the woman said she only has a few days left to live and has stopped taking her HIV drugs as a result. She readily gives her body to any male who asks for or tries to get into her pants knowing she has a good probability of passing away shortly.

Read the screenshots 👇

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