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(Video- Viewers discretion advised) Terrible Scenes at the Effiduase Robbery

Momo vendor attacked and severely injured during an open armed robbery at Efffiduase.

Wednesday 26th April, 2022 was one hell of a day for the people of Effiduase as armed robbers raided their car station to rob a momo vendor.

According to eye witness report, this incident happened around 6pm to 8pm.

It looked like the victim who is the momo vendor was the main target for these armed gang.

The momo vendor received some injuries via a knife the armed robbers were holding and also escaped a bullet they shot at him.

It was reported that the momo vendor knew one of the armed robbers and this person happened to be a girl.

So the momo vendor tried mentioning the name of this girl and the robbers shot at him instantly after knowing one of them is known by the momo vendor.

But luckily, he managed to escape that bullet which travel further to break glass of a near by car.

It was also reported that, the police station at Efiiduase is really close to the scene but there was no sign of a single police man who came to the scene at the time of the incident.

So the momo vendor was saved by the mob at the station who were brave enough and was sent to the hospital as soon as possible.

Below is a video of the victim at the hospital;

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