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W/R Bogoso Explosion(Video): A whole Apiatsi village wiped out

Many Feared dead in explosion at Bogoso

Mining Explosive vehicle collides with a motorcycle at Bogoso

A blast occurred in Apiatsi, a neighborhood of Bogoso in the Huni Valley

Municipality, which is home to a large number of people.

The explosion has devastated the whole Apiatsi village on the Bogoso-Bawdie route.

Eyewitnesses report that a motorcycle collided head-on with a truck carrying a

canister of what seems to be mining explosives, igniting the vehicle.

An unknown number of people were killed and numerous more were wounded

when the truck detonated following the accident.

The roadway has been divided in two, resulting in the entrapment of the automobile.

As a result, no cars can go from Bogoso to Bawdie or vice versa, causing a lot of congestion.

The blast damaged the windscreens of several vehicles parked in the immediate vicinity of the explosion site.

The explosion resulted in a large number of residences and stores catching fire.

Accident victims are being sent to Bogoso Health Centre and Aseda Hospital, both

of which are prominent facilities in the vicinity.

Hospitals in Tarkwa and the surrounding area are also receiving some of them for treatment.

The excavator and the fire department are presently at the location of the collision to recover the buried car.

In addition, local governments are being urged to make schools, churches, and

other public spaces available to the survivors of the disaster.

a statement from the Public Affairs department of the Service said

Watch Video Below

Bogoso Fire Explosion destroys Apiatsi Bawdie community

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