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Why Ronaldo thinks Ghana’s match is the most difficult encounter.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the captain of Portugal, is quite certain that his team will have a fantastic World Cup run in 2022, but he maintains that the match against Ghana is the toughest one in the group stage.

At the world cup, Portugal is in Group H with Ghana, Uruguay, and South Korea.
The 2022 World Cup’s first match will feature the reigning European champions against Ghana on Thursday, November 24.

To get the World Cup off to a better start, Portugal will try to defeat Ghana.
Ronaldo admitted that his team’s match against Ghana is the most challenging, but he stressed that they must start the group stage effectively to build confidence.

“I believe our national team has tremendous potential to win the World Cup. We will see. I believe we can. I have that hope, that belief,” Ronaldo said.

“But like these competitions always teach us; we must think calmly. We must think and focus on the first group game. We must think about the Ghana game, which is the most difficult one.

“We must start well, gain some confidence and we will go from there,” he added.

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